December 19, 2005

About the ::cough:: trans stuff

Yes, I am.

But I am not gonna write about it here. I am not gonna editorialize or kvetch or tell the world how it is. I'll leave that for others more successful, more interested in guiding others, more conforming to the standard narrative.

I was. I am. I survived (so far). If the fact that I am a woman with an unusual path, a person with a past drops to the 6th or 7th most interesting thing about me, that will be just about right. I stay connected in small ways and large ways; it will always be a part of my life, I give back - but I'm not gonna write about it. OK?

Since the implosion of Jude Mood had a lot to do with my writing about that part of my life, lets just call this an act of blog-preservation.

If you want to ask or talk about it privately, feel free.

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