December 24, 2005


Wow, what an amazing work. It's hard to get it all in, in some ways the work is elusive, you just watch and let the waves of emotion wash over you. It's hard to know what to get from it. Here are the things that struck me:

* The absolute beauty of the camerawork - both the normal photography and the time lapse footage
* The absolute beauty of the planet - I wanted to travel more
* The dehumanizing aspects of civilization - the sheer numbers of people crammed into smaller spaces, doing mindless work.
* The egg factory - beautiful, fascinating, horrifying, and mostly, not unlike the way humans live their lives in some of the places filmed.
* The universal quest for a higher power. So many beautiful sacred images. The footage of the pilgrims circling the Kaaba was most particularly riveting, the whirling dervishes most entrancing and beautiful.
* The patriarchy. One would think all of those seeking the divine were men. And in fact, in many cultures and locals, they are.

It was a definite treat. About 1/2 way through I was feeling quite down, quite hopeless. Yet the beauty of the planet, the horrors of civilization, and the quest for the divine all formed a somewhat stable three-legged platform. Perhaps we seek the divine since our need to rise above our lives is so acute.

I was actually left with somewhat of a feminist spin on it all - a sort of "men have sought the divine for centuries and the results are evident (overpopulation, dehumanization, torture, war, genocide). Perhaps it is time for the feminine to exert itself....". In that way - hopeful.

One of our friends makes this an annual holiday pilgrimage, and I can see why.

Oh, and then we did a drink (yes, I do drink, now and then) and some really nasty but yummy bar food at the Corner Pug. Kind of hope yoga is somewhat tame this morning, if I sweat a lot its gonna be guinness and irish nachos....lovely....

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