December 28, 2005

Dinner Redux

So, the restaurant was actually there, and it was fabu. High praise for Rovezzi's in Sturbridge - I had the eggplant which was wonderful. C and I had a nice meal.

But something odd happened - C was talking about relationships and dating - and I started effusively spouting a new age sort of "ask the universe for what you want, and you'll get it". AND I BELIEVED IT. Wholeheartedly, unconditionally, with the zeal of an evangelical preacher. Open your heart. Ask for what you want. It will come to you.

Now, I have been a cynical, jaded, crusty curmudgeonly sort - pretty much everything I say or do has a back-door, caveats, lowered expectations - irony at minimum and serious sarcasm more likely. And while life has given me some pretty decent things in the past few years - I've always had a "pinch me this can't be real this can't be happening to me" kind of aura around the wishful expectations that I would be taken care of.

And I am sitting in an italian restaurant in Sturbridge MA and selling her this without a trace of irony.

Open your heart. Ask for what you want. It will come to you.

Somebody is in big trouble for wrecking a perfectly good cynic.

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