December 23, 2005

Happy Jewmas

Well, we really do not qualify to celebrate Jewmas: my family is celebrating THE DAY (and we are participating), I'm a recovering catholic skewing pagan-buddhist so I can pretend its solstice, and the Zipster is only nominally Jewish even as she has a fetish for all things Catholic (most evidenced by a collection of 40-50 large votive candles of the type you find at Botanicas and urban Stop & Shops, which we have prominantly displayed).

However, even if we are doing something more culturally attuned on Sunday, we lack a lot of the cultural underpinnings of christmas eve, christmas weekend, etc - we're not cleaning, we're not hosting a special dinner or an open house, we're not wassailing or making merry or feasting or churching....

So instead we are going to movies, in the spirit of Jewmas. Tonight, Baraka at Cinestudio and tomorrow Ushpizin at Real Art Ways.

Pass the popcorn.

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