December 20, 2005


You can't fool me, little baby Jesus was not really born on Dec 25th, but they celebrate his birthday this time of year to mesh up with solstice and steal some mojo from those pesky pagans who knew that the world needed a little bit of light and warmth in the dead of winter.

There have been a lot of things on the political landscape: the way the government dropped the ball during and after the hurricanes, cracks in the right's support of the war, talk of a pull-out, the recent uncovering of NSA spying on US citizens, the Patriot Act not being rubber stamped, the drop in popularity and support for POTUS, and most recently, the federal decision (by a W-appointed judge, no less) that Intelligent Design is Creationism in new skins, and shall not be taught in a science classroom.

Makes me think we are perhaps turning the corner politically even as the shortest day rolls around and the light starts to grow.

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