January 08, 2006

Ballets Russes

Quite a delightful movie, really. Not much to say except it was really engaging, the dancing and old footage was wonderful, and the present day interviews with the dancers was great. Some real characters. It helps to remind me that the cranky old men / old women I encounter in life (and am sliding towards joining, day by day) were beautiful, strong, and sexy - and in so many ways still are.

In some ways the documentary reminded me of A League of Their Own (the reunion stuff, at the end) and the years of touring the US reminded me of old vaudeville memoirs (Harpo Speaks comes to mind) and also some things I have read about the early days of professional sports - filled with barn-storming, competing leagues, etc.

Bonus: Yvonne Craig - yes, Batgirl - who danced with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo from 1954 - 1957, and was a role model for this aspiring crime-fighter. You betcha. The make-up mirror, the wig stand, the motorcycle, the revolving door, the way she got up on tables (in heels) and kicked bad-guys (not in heels). Heh.

At Real Art Ways through January 12th; go see it. Tell Will that Jude sent ya....

Oh, and the Frozen Buns Rally got snowed out. But we posed for a group shot in the snow., and had a nice breakfast anyway.

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