January 26, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

Looking around at other blogs and bloggers, I find my own to be somewhat inwards focused and self-absorbed. Natural, I guess - I am just not that excited or excitable about the world. Serenity prayer and all. And while I can be and often am chaffing at the political landscape or the environmental crisis or various global trends and issues, my response seems to be more one of local action (for example, recycling or less consuming or what-not) and supporting causes and movements that I think are making things better.

I just do not have the inclination to be blogging about the current administration, the huge global environmental issues, stuff like overpopulation, overuse of resources, global warming, species exctinctions, and all the other ills that plague our world. In some ways, these things were predestined when homo erectus picked up the first conveniently shaped stone and used it as a tool: the travails of a technological society. We can soften the landing, I guess, but we're not going to fix things until we break things pretty badly. Which gives me a new quote.....

I feel somewhat like a cosmic surfer - I sort of watch the big trends and movements, observing, moving through the waves, maybe making changes and tweaking things I come across. Hopefully, I am doing some good and making some changes a la the Butterfly Effect. I'd like to think so. It allows me to justify a sort of zen "accept what is" layer over my oft-times complacent existence.

Oh, and just a shout out to the good folks at Scholastic. I am coming to realize how much of my philosophy is based on the writing of Ray Bradbury, and specifically this collection of stories, which I must have picked up in grade school at a book fair.

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