January 07, 2006


I must be officially an adult. Sometime in the last few months I have come to enjoy the last bastion of vegetable "ick"-ness, specifically, the Brussel Sprout. We had them steamed tonight, from our favorite vegetable market. Delicious.

My veggie aversion was bred from childhood - sorry mom, but canned vegetables did not cut it; and fresh ones were boiled to grayness or mushed into a roast or other melange. I walked out of childhood liking peas and corn and maybe string beans and carrots - and thats about it.

Over the years, I've picked up vegetables slowly. An early relationship and appetizer platters / dip brought me around on broccoli and cauliflower. Other vegetables followed. Asparagus was a hold-out, and then finally, the only thing left was Brussel Sprouts. You might guess at some childhood trauma surrounding the consonance and coincidence of the name Brussel Sprouts - and you guess correctly. A most hated vegetable.

But now - all vegetables have been defeated. I am ready for enlightenment. Or death.

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