January 07, 2006

Waiting for the Man

Today is (with any luck) the Frozen Buns Balloon Rally - an annual tradition, held the first weekend in January, in which the local ballooning community gets together to put their balloons in the air, stay current (up to date, pilots needs to take off and land every few months or they need to recertify), do some winter flying, and in general kick off the new year. It's a nice event, and suitable wacky, typical for balloonists. Logic often does not enter into it.

We take off from the Aquaturf in Southington, and generally fly east and south, so if you see balloons in the air somewhere along Rte 15 today (say from Berlin to Meriden) you'll know why. Breakfast to follow, Gene's Restaurant in Southington most likely.

Due to the late sunrise this close to the solstice, it's ballooning "bankers hours" - I arose at my usual 5 am and had time for a shower, coffee, and some blogging before getting the call confirming that we will be flying. Still waiting for the man....

Grumble: Bagging it for today; too windy. Hopefully we shall fly tomorrow. On the brighter side, looks like I get to go exercise this morning....

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