January 29, 2006


Our heroine is fatiqued.

This morning started out with Hot Yoga. There are two primary hot yoga instructors - one is really kind of a rhythmic / flow person, the other is a posture, work it person. We had #2 today - a different kind of practice but really good. Usually at some point during hot yoga I become aware of my heart just pounding in healthy, pumping gallons of oxygenated blood throughout my body way that makes me think the big one is years off.

The rest of the day involved movings things - a folding table and large shelving unit from my storage hole, and a large shelving unit, paper rack, 10 boxes of books and paper, and a printer wire shelf from the house. Only a few occasions of unseemly butchness; I found myself doing yoga schtick as I lifted and carries and pushed and pulled: Shoulders down. Legs strong. Belly in. Breathe.

So I'm a bit wiped right now.

Output of all this effort: most of the boxes got unpacked, the paper rack got filled, and I got my cable modem / router connected and functioning. It's begging to look like a place of business. My laptop is now at the office - so I guess on some level I am open for business over there.....even though I do not officially move in until Wednesday and the heavy things (desk and file cabinet) do not go over there until next Saturday.

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