February 21, 2006

An Advil Kind of Day

If I were the type to take pain meds for body aches, this morning would be a good day for it. Yesterday brought both a hot yoga session and jazzercise, this morning I am just a wee bit sore are tired. A good thing really, it means I am working the edges in terms of my body's strength and endurance. I guess its good to get out of bed feeling in ones muscles and bones as if one had done something the day before.

As it is, the only pain meds I take are a small enteric dose of aspirin, prescribed based on family history, age, physiology, overall health. Stuff like tylenol, advil, nuprin are all potential liver beaters - so I avoid 'em (along with alcohol, except occasionally and in small doses). My drug of choice is caffeine by way of coffee, and I am increasingly aware that I need to cut back on that.

A hot shower this morning should work out some of the aches.

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