February 10, 2006

Back in the real world....

Boston went fine. No serious problems found (though I suspect they have some issues that are intermittant will be back, but they are monitoring for that) and I did find a sneak path that might be a design issue with my client's box. So worthwhile trip, all in all. Pretty amazing all of the hospitals in that area (I was at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, FWIW)

Got out about 3, drove to mom's in Framingham, and had a nice dinner with her. She gifted us with one of those little cloth bags to put plastic bags in (Zippy is a saver of both the plastic grocery store bags as well as the clear plastic veggie bags, which she washes out and reuses). I was also given a huge plant for the office (her and sis chipped in) which I need to figure out where to put. I know have 4 plants in a smallish (~14 x ~14) space - I fear a reputation as the horticultural version of a cat lady over there.

Got back about 8 pm to find a box over at the office; Zippy's new LCD computer monitor which is now set up and she likes muchly; it allows her to really use her old small desk; we tossed the old composite sectional one which got taken from the curb on Monday (we live in a recycling kind of neighborhood, much of what gets put to the curb ends up scarfed up for reuse or scrap, not a lot ends up in the landfill)

Glad to have made it up and back in a day - yoga workshop this morning that I did not want to miss.

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