February 13, 2006

City Life

Woke this morning to the remnants of the Blizzard of 2006. I was relieved to see the plows had not attacked overnight - our driveway remains thankfully clear. I have no doubt I'll find a ridge of plowed snow sometime today, but easier to deal with in the sun and relative warmth.

Looking out my window, to a street oddly illuminated by the bright snow, it all looks quite lovely. Our sidewalks and drive are neatly shoveled, with sharp edges and straight lines. Everything in uniform and clean.

Snowstorms bring out the best in people. We said hello to most of our neighbors - this time of year, its mostly nods and waves or a quick call as we move from car to house. But we're all outside shoveling, so we stop over for a few words, to catch up. People are helping each other - those with snowblowers take the time to run them down a neighbors sidewalk, or we'll converge on a newly plowed in driveway like ants. I love this neighborhood; never have I lived in such diversity and connectedness, nor felt quite so safe and supported.

About the only thing that would have made yesterday perfect would have been a trek through the storm to pick up the Sunday paper - but we skipped that. It's not the New York Times.....but the Hartford Courant is still a treat.

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