February 14, 2006

I Got a Rock

Referencing, of course, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", and not some unexpected giftage from Lux Bond, Green, and Stevens.

Valentine's Day is a singularly unheralded holiday around these parts. First off, its a polarized holiday, with the man expected to gift the woman. So there is less peer pressure when you are talking about dykes, neither of whom has a ton of expendable cash and neither of whom is particularly romantic. Second, its got christian roots (SAINT Valentine's Day, don't cha know) and we are always a wee bit resistant. Finally, even if it started off that way, its become an uber-commercial holiday, marketed by Hallmark and American Greetings and the candy and flower syndicates.

I still recall schooldays when small valentines (or the lack thereof) were both a sign of loserdom and friendlessness, as well as a threat when an unsought after paramour expressed some interest. At least most of the time kids gave out cards to all the other kids in the class. And making little mail boxes was kind of fun. But still....

Amusing - Paula at Jazzercise put out list for those interested in class tonight. No problem getting names. Either we're a fairly unattached bunch or a fairly cynical group.

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