February 22, 2006


I'm in a self promoting kind of mode and mood. I (for the first time ever) got professionally printed brochures printed up (low quantity, just to see how they came out, they came out pretty great) and today I even hung one up under plexiglass outside my office so the other tenants can see what the woman in A102 does all day (besides drink about a gallon of water and run to the bathroom all day). I'll be tweaking the graphics somewhat and planning a bigger order the next time there is a special.

I also dug up a poster presentation I did for the 2003 PQ conference and hung that up on some empty wallspace in the office. Damn I give good presentation....

Part of this is being in the new office - I feel the need to drum up business to justify the expense of the office. But also, I've been pretty productive and have been knocking things off my to-do list pretty efficiently. One of my larger "churn out the busy work" clients has slowed down a bit, giving me time for other things, but my other long time client has been percolating up with lots of little and medium projects.

I also think its time to drop a brochure, card, and note to a lot of folks I have not heard from in a while - just to keep my name churning.

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