February 05, 2006

The Squid and the Whale

Just a great small movie. Uncomfortable as all hell, but great.

Reminded me a bit of the Royal Tenenbaums (well, NYC, tennis, dysfunction, and the dad going down in the street, anyway, and Ben Stiller who brings to mind a certain scene in There's Something About Mary - yeah, THAT scene). It's practically an homage, now that one thinks about it.

Oh yeah, I did a production gig at the NY Museum of Natural History (where one can find the Squid and the Whale)

Film geeks will get upset cause there are lots of post-1990 automobiles in the background of a film set in the mid 80's.

Off to the shower - Zippy is watching Bleak House on PBS.

Oh yeah. The divorcee dad's glassware consists of Burger King promo glasses. The aforementioned oddly appealling Burger King was featured prominantly in one shot (hell, the glassware got a credit!)

Fast food is haunting me.

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