February 25, 2006

Up and At 'Em

I'm awake courtesy of two dogs - Melina the blind and old Heeler was tick-ticking around the bedroom at 4 am, and Elo the Beagle/Heeler mix stood on my back, whining into my ear, and licking whatever patches of skin were accessible. Bad dogs. I let 'em both out and gave them a cookie, but now I am up. Grumble. They will want to be fed sooner or later. Right now they are worshiping at the church of the holy hot air vent while I caffeinate and blog.

Methinks this morning I am heading back to weight watchers. It's been a long time since I went - I lost 25 pounds or so about a year ago (I last went in July 05), but sort of lost interest - I was plateau'd, I was not being rigorous about eating, I was tired of spending the money for weekly fees and not really working the program. I was kind of hoping that yoga might magically and holistically get my eating into a better place - but nope. On the other hand, doing yoga has made me a lot more body aware, and the incentive of a svelter body with less belly to work around as I do postures and less body mass to balance and invert is good incentive. So.....off I go to a 7 am meeting, which fits into my schedule pre-jazzercise.

Now all the dogs are up - the little hound mix Callie has joined the pack, I suspect I will have to feed 'em soon - cause they tend to fidget en masse.

Not much happening this weekend. WW and Jazzercise this morning, taking MYA to a support group this afternoon. No other serious plans.

Next week could get squirrelly - I have a meeting slotted in for Tues, the Philly trip never firmed up so that still might bubble up, and no decision on the conference....

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