March 04, 2006

Super Size Me

Just finished watching the movie (courtesy of Netflix). I did have a bunch of minor technical complaints. First off, he kept throwing down (mostly) double quarter pounder with cheese sammiches. I mean, come on, you can eat slightly less toxic fat laden things at McD's. Same thing with breakfast - if you try you can eat slightly less fat laden things than a big breakfast with hotcakes. So it seemed (to me) that he was a wee bit over the top in terms of injesting crap.

For the record, I worked at McD's for a long time (1976 - 1982 or threabouts). I to this day have dreams about working an occasional shift (and forgetting to pickup my paycheck). We used to joke that the grease gets in your veins and you become an addict for life. I do think the sensory overload of dipping my hands into the condiments at the "dress" station (before the days of gloves) sort of imprinted on my brain.

I will say that I worked my rear end off at McD's - definitely developed a positive work ethic.

Anyway - great film - and definitely tipping the balance for me in terms of avoiding fast food*. So a good watch!

* Wendy's is not so bad if you stick to chili (high fiber), salad, and an occasional potato. Let's not talk about Taco Bell

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