April 07, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Life feels strangely scattered, with a lot of change in the air. The workweek was pretty fragmented, with things like yoga and chasing down a new cell phone and a vet appointment and visiting MYA breaking things up. I got my April 1 invoicing done, I got a few reports done, I got a ticketing system up and operating, I got a chunk of taxes done. But its hard to generate a list of "done and off my desk" accomplishments this week.

The weekend looms, with not a lot of solid obligations, but lots of possibilities. Spending time with MYA on Saturday, going to try to exercise twice, spend some time with the Zipster, maybe watch one of the pending movies. I need to plow through my taxes. Maybe spend some time changing over the winter wardrobe for spring and summer. The weather looks stormy and iffy so not a lot going on outside.

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