April 15, 2006

Eostre Weekend

We're nominally anti-christian. Not in a militant, philosophical or religious way, just in an "anti-dominant paradigm" way, in the same way we do not watch much mainstream television or listen to commercial radio or the like. So when people wish us "Happy Easter" or "Happy Holiday" or "Have a Good Weekend" we notice. Zippy's catholic fetish makes her curious about the customs and rituals; her part-time state job mandated a day off with no pay on Friday which gives her reason to kvetch, and all of these precipitate an ongoing stream-of-consciousness on christianity being the state religion and the pagan / fertility symbolism rampant in eggs and rabbits and all that.

We did indulge in fish yesterday - Yanni's had a boatload of fish specials for lunch and Zippy, MP, and I all went out. I ought to blog about Yanni's - clearly my other restaurant reviewish entries have been search engine successes. In any case, Zipster and I had tuna steaks, MP had sole almondine. And there was much rejoicing.

It's been / will be a busy weekend. Yesterday I made up for the gentle, affirming, just what I needed Thursday morning yoga practice with a kick my butt hot yoga practice that left me drenched and happy. Arriving home from yoga, I found MP and Zippy in the process of ripping out an electric stove and associated trim; we're getting a gas range delivered this coming week. So there are big plans afoot for the installation thereof, the removal of a Jenn-air electric cooktop, renovating cupboards and cabinets and lots of other minor and major changes.

Last night was dinner with Buck (Zippy's father) and Sue at Barcelona. Yummy Tapa's (and a couple of light and fruity white wine sangria's) and good company; Buck lives down the road but between his travels and our lives, we do not connect all that often. A book collector (with rumored to be 10,000 volumes) he eyed our renovations and newly empty book shelves (we puchased 3 large unfinished shelves a few weeks back), I suspect Zippy will be gifted with a box or two of his books soon.

Today is jazzercise and a special dinner. And hopefully, a bit of a nap mid-day, cause I was up at 3:45 am for some odd reason. Tomorrow is morning yoga and a trip up to MA to have supper with mom and my brothers; not a lot of religious overtones - just family dinner and maybe get mom some flowers.

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