April 27, 2006

Fumbling Around

Just been an unfocused week. I did get some stuff up on my website re: freelancing but need to do a bit more, and I am stalled out there. I have, however, joined MediaBistro and another site (trial). I'm at an ice-breaking point, I need to figure out how to pitch and start to do that, and I need to start to get some recent and referable work. I've never been the type to dive in head first without checking the depth and the water temperature and the like....so it will take some deliberate energy to get me to the next step.

I'm actually thinking of writing some spec pieces for the site - just to give potential clients an idea of my style. Off the top of my head: getting into yoga - jazzercise - crewing for a hot air balloonist - the death of fax machines. A good goal for the week....

I have a couple of reports to finish up today, and some special apps notes for a client by tomorrow. But all in all it's been fits and starts. April has been a really slow month - not bad in that I got my taxes done and have had some reasonable reserves to fall back on, but methinks its time for things to perk up a bit. The WNBA gig starts in May, so that's good. I have some long simmering site visits out there that might someday come to fruition.

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