April 12, 2006

The Poor Catholic

The Poor Catholic; The Road to Grace

For over 33 years, Paul Ramunni has worked as an accountant and CPA helping people work out their financial issues and problems. As is the case with accountants and financial advisors, much of the advice given to people to help cure their financial challenges usually includes solutions such as better budgeting, debt consolidation, refinancing mortgages, filing for bankruptcy and/or divorce and similar other plans. Paul reached a point in his career when he felt that these kinds of techniques and solutions seemed to not go far enough. They would appear to work for a while but then many people would tend to make the same mistakes over again and have another set of problems similar to the earlier ones. In a sense he felt he was placing band aids on serious problems that needed more permanent solutions.

Seems like an interesting read. As someone who has been through the financial wringer, as well as someone who is actively seeking a spiritual path (as well as a less consumer oriented life and one detuned from mainstream / pop culture), this seems like it resonates. As a recovering catholic (as well as an abomination, on multiple fronts), I am not sure I would concur on all of Mr. Ramunni's points, but my agnosticism and collage of spiritual beliefs might have room for a book written by a mystical CPA.

Thanks to WAMC and the Roundtable for this one.....

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