April 12, 2006

Updating a Website

I'm in the middle of tweaking a website I put together back in '01 or thereabouts. It is full of photos of furniture, and back then I put a page up for each piece (BAD BAD webwench) so now I am just using a script to permit people to scroll through photos / captions. This involves a lot of renaming files, deleting files, stuff like that - mindless really. Long overdue, and should make future updates quicker and easier.

I'm also adding a bunch of new photos (much easier with the new system), reworking my stylesheet (also put together many years ago and working only for IE), adding some more customer updateable blogs, tweaking menus, and other things. I've been trying to get the client to buy in to linking to their customers and commercial contacts (links are good, search engine wise) but from the start, they have been a bit reticent. There is a New England "properness" or sense of propriety involved that does not play well on the "look at me" world of the web.

I'm about 1/2 way through, should finish up today with any luck. It's fairly mindless work, needs to be done - a good "tax week" project. One of my "friend of a friend" web projects - no bucks involved but I sleep on a handmade four poster bed that is without question the highest quality and classiest thing in my trailer trash life....so I guess life has its rewards....

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