May 17, 2006

Home Again

Not just the title of a 1914 Marx Brothers vaudeville act.

I made it back home with a minimum of complications. The Continental flights were on time, rental car and check-in and security were fine. In a moment of inspiration, I plopped down the bucks for a paperback copy of The DaVinci Code which I burned through on the flights home (the guy next to me commented as we rolled up to the gate "well, you finished your book")

Tonight has been somewhat mellow - I popped over to the studio for a gentle class, doing some small cleaning and organizing things. I cut the front lawn, I ran the pump to get the last of the standing water out. Now watching a little TV and more chores and waiting for Zippy to return from a day in NYC.

Tomorrow is gonna be pretty busy - a huge trip report from El Paso, a bunch of reports for another client, some errands. Friday and Saturday I am down at the casino (WNBA home opener) and Friday night is double duty - taking MYA and her bro to a movie night, and another chanting night. May is zooming by....

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