May 27, 2006

Shopping and Ice Cream and Sun

Zippy and I went over to Kohl's in Rocky Hill last night. We rarely shop (together or alone) so its a bit of a treat. She made out pretty well (two tops and a pair of shorts) - I got some things but a bit more pricey, and the primary goal (tops for production gigs / work) was not realized. Still, I picked up a cute ribbed tank top, some dockers, a skirt and a tank to go with it.

Afterwards, we stopped at Rita's which just opened up on the Silas Deane Highway. Amusingly, P (my Jazzercise instructor) was there with her husband and kidlet (both of whom I see at Jazzercise now and then) - they, on the other hand, got to meet Zippy. Who I introduced as "my partner" (thankfully not in her hearing, she hates the word). I've never been actually "in" at Jazzercise but now I guess I am officially "out". At least in one way.....

I am hitting Jazzercise this morning (and Monday morning, special Memorial Day class) and also yoga Sunday morning. So busy weekend, in terms of health. Today is a Connecticut Sun game - it's officially Faith and Family Day at the arena. Which is kind of odd / amusing; I mean (a) the arena is integrated with a casino, (b) the WNBA fan base is pretty womyn-heavy (acknowledged or not) and (c) something tells me the belief structure of the hosts (native americans) is not gonna be at the top of the chart in terms of faiths being recognized / honored. Just an unusual sort of promotion....seems frought with all sorts of potential marketing / PR problems.

Speaking of the Sun, mascot Blaze had a young apprentice, Flicker. She was trotted out in a gift wrapped box at the last home game. Blaze also seems to have his own logo / signature now, too:

Not sure I approve. I mean, Blaze has been a lovable, care-free, mischievous entity - he makes fun of refs, he rides around on a little scooter, he horns in on the guest performers. Kind of a Harpo Marx character. Now that he has a sidekick, he might be cast in a more parental role (Flicker gets to act out, Blaze has to rein her in). And with a signature, does this mean Blaze is signing checks and mortgage applications and stuff? Maybe they did some test marketing that showed kids were scared of Blaze, so Flicker (smaller, with a human face, and obviously cast as a younger and female character) might be less threatening. I dunno. We'll see how things develop this season.

I kind of had a crush on Blaze last season, but I think he grew up over the off-season.

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