June 15, 2006


We are T-minus 56 hours from the social event of the summer. It's crunch time. Everything will get done, although I am not 100% sure how at the moment. We still have a bunch of cleaning to do, I need to clean the grill and refill the propane, I need to shop for soda, some token alcohol, supplies, and food.

As in most cases, its pretty much of a free-for-all in terms of attendance. I think there are 40 or 50 people who have been invited, odds are many will not show, but enough will to make it interesting. Family heavy (Zippy's mom and dad, my mom, various sibs). Musicians. Co-workers. MYA is coming (expected) and so is her mom and brothers (not expected) which should be interesting. (Also, means I need to go get them and take them home, slightly awkward being thats it our party and all)

The good part is that we are getting a lot of things done that have piled up; our annual spring cleaning. I went through the back porch like a whirlwind, tossing, organizing, processing. Five boxes of kitchen stuff got compacted onto two shelves. A box of books got sent to Los Angeles to Zippy's niece. Two other boxes got moved to the basement. New curtains got bought for the bathroom. Stuff like that.

Meanwhile, work has gotten busy, with a bunch of reports in queue. And I am still gonna sneak out today to hit the mat and to go to a movie with MYA. Or maybe I should blow off the movie and drag her along to do party errands......hmm.....

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