June 18, 2006

Gemini Part Post-mortem

All in all a good party.

Picking up MYA et al, and taking them back in the evening, put a few speed bumps in my day, but they seemed to have a good time. I think MYA's mom is not able to get out among adults all that often, so she really enjoyed it.

We had a good crowd, mixture of people, the last guests left around 11 pm. Our friend Victoria stayed over and left this morning. We have lots of beer and food left over.....

This morning I did a bit of cleaning, did a load of laundry, and caught the hot class. Came home, hung out with Zippy and Victoria, and then bid Victoria a farewell. Zippy and I went to brunch at friends in WH (yummy!) - not relaxing and trying to stay cool.

Tomorrow - work, hit the mat, work, pack - and head out to the airport for a 6 pm flight to El Paso.

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