June 13, 2006

More work - More work - More work

We're in a fever pitch of busy-ness with the impending weekend festivities. Today, I cleaned out the back porch (a main socializing area and crucial in case of rain) and brought up a lot of chairs and coolers. Tomorrow I need to fetch tables from the storage hole. Maybe clean the grill. Maybe fetch propane.

Hit the mat today; I was contemplating a gentle class (my gutters / lawn / siding scrubbing / sweeping antics of Monday, capped by Jazzercise, had left me somewhat achey), but I sucked it up and went to power, and all was well.

Somehow I have gotten all the way into June without actually exporting anything from my online backing accounts into my accounting software, so I spent a few hours doing that - exporting it all, balancing things, etc. Nuisance, but its all caught up. Tomorrow I may actually do some filing and start to do some office organizing and cleaning.

Oh, and I am heading back out to El Paso next Mon-Wed.

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