June 11, 2006

Weekend Warrior

Never let it be said I let a little relaxation come between me, a Friday, and a Monday. Sheesh.

Friday I ended up on the mat in the morning, worked a bit during the day, then off to the WNBA game (the Sun beat the Seattle Storm 85-81, they were pretty handily ahead most of the game but let the Storm sneak up on them to make the final 2 minutes a bit exciting). UCONN alumni Sue Bird and Barbara Turner were in the house with the Storm, which got the fans out. Again, pretty even scoring by the Sun starters; Ashja Jones, starting for Taj who is was doing family stuff, had 14. Not a great game for Erin Phillips.

Saturday, I hit Jazzercise for the first time all week (the film fest kept me away a lot of the week) and then we shopped a bit. In the afternoon, we went to a screening of the film Hearts Cracked Open (Lesbian Tantra Documentary). The film was great, although the room was a bit bright (a spectacular skylight in the space, and the sun emerged for the first time in many days). Afterwards, we attended a workshop with Betsy Kalin (filmmaker) which was very good, and then after that we did dinner at Alchemy Juice Bar with Betsy and her friend. Yummy. Why has Alchemy not become one of my favorite places in Hartford? The food was delish as was the vibe. As close to Reader's Feast in terms of vibe as I can recall. I had a yummy mexican vegetarian platter with the prerequisite rice and beans; Zippy got short-changed; with a tofu platter with mostly salad. She wanted that honking pile of carbs....

So we did the tantra triple header: film, workshop, and dinner, then back home ot feed the dogs. The sun finally emerged and we were not particularly wiped, so we jumped in the car to head to Milford, for a house concert with Namoli Brennet. We missed a lot of if (it apparently started outside and was moved in due to the cold) but got to hear a few songs, then got to hang out later. She's the real thing, kids. She's nominated for a slew of awards at tonight's OutMusic Awards - so send positive karma. We rolled home around midnight.

Today; I slept in a bit (6 am was dog feeding time, I went back to bed until past 7) - now I am contemplating some more mat time, and then we are off to MoSun for the Sun game vs. teh Washington Mystics, and a Suede concert afterwards in the Wolf Den. Another long day for us; I'm sort of used to beating myself up but Zippy has a bit less stamina, so I'm hoping she holds up.

Finally, the sun has emerged; yesterday afternoon the front came through (judging by the wind) and it was sunny for the drive down to Milford yesterday. Today its looks great out. Huzzah! Monday, methings I will be pushing a lawn mower around; its been a solid week of rain and as soon as the sun hits the grass its gonna grow 3"

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