July 11, 2006


It's somewhat of a waiting week. The last two weeks in July will be cr-a-a-a-a-zy, with a 5-day folk festival (July 19-23), three WNBA games the week after, and a family reunion on Saturday July 29, sandwiched in between Friday / Sunday WNBA games and requiring air travel (direct Southwest flight into Baltimore).

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on stuff. I'm doing a paper for a conference in October; the paper and presentation material are due mid-August, so its time to crank that out. Nothing rocket scientist-ish, but its needs to be done. I'll glom a few case studies out of my archives, and gussy them up.

In between work tasks this week, I've been going through my archives, and creating a summary document of all my major trips and projects over the past 10 years, sorted by year. I've been self-employed since the start of 1995 (Dec 1994, to be exact), and I've been on a lot of trips and worked on a lot of major projects - they tend to run together. A few weeks ago I was talking to someone on the phone about some work I had done, which I had described as "a few years back" - they were talking as if this were something I had just finished up for them. Turns out it was way back in 1999. So I thought it would be a good idea to put together a sort of CV, both to put the past decade in perspective, and to document the types of work and projects I have been involved in, from a sales / marketing perspective. If nothing else, it will be a nice document to have on my website for people to see what I do.

I've always been a little reluctant to document my work - as a consultant, I work with pretty much every major player in my industry, and I've often thought that if people knew exactly how connected I was to competitors, there might be some concern. But, hell, its been 10 years, the breadth of my work is pretty amazing from a credibility and continuity point of view, and if people do not know that I have worked for pretty much everyone at some point, they are not paying attention.

On a personal note, I hurt a friend on Sunday with my big mouth. Zippy and I tend to be a little (OK, a lot) irreverent and nasty with each other. We treat each other pretty harshly, and we talk trash about the world at large pretty much non-stop. We've got pretty tough skins, and when we do cross the line with each other, we're pretty good at communicating that, and not taking it personally. Our personal history is filled with things we have said to each other that are incredibly cruel and hurtful, but have become inside jokes.

But sometimes our closer friends get caught up in our nastiness, inadvertantly. My kneejerk reaction - close-up, pull back, withdraw, shut-up, put forward the pretense of politeness and civility - is not all that healthy. I'm still pulling at the strings to figure out my own root dysfunction here, but I'm feeling like crap about the situation, and its colored my mood for the past 36 hours or so.

Yesterday - work, jazzercise. Today - haircut, work, telecon, dinner with Zippy. Tomorrow - zap and a support group meeting. No yoga til Thursday. Boo.

Speaking of Jazzercise, I'm under the gun to get in 9 more classes before Labor Day, to get my "100 Club" tee-shirt. I have 3 of them so far (which means I have been working with this particular class / instructor for 4 years! And I was doing Jazzercise for a year or so before that with another instructor. Damn it seems like only yesterday that I walked into the facility for the first time, Paula came up to me afterwards and commented "Well, I can tell you've done this before"). Anyway, back to the 100 Club. I am perversely proud of having gotten to 100 classes in 2003 / 2004 / 2005 despite some rather complicated medical stuff going on during those years that had me on the sidelines for a few months. Last year I think I had 10 classes by the end of May. This year, yoga has stolen my heart a bit.

9 more classes should be pretty doable, but yanno, between the folk fest and WNBA games and yoga and life, it might be tight. But I'll do it, even if yoga drops back into 2nd place for a month or so......

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