July 28, 2006

Breathing for the Last Time in a Bunch of Days

Near as I can tell, I am talking my last deep breaths for about a week.

MYA is snoozing on the futon upstairs. We went to NOHO to see one of my angels last night for a reading and talk; she got a book signed. I did not (I have a few signed things, and I outgrew this particular angel a while back. (At one point in Philly back in 2004 we had an interaction that I felt was sort of a kick in the rear end. Fly, kid, you got your wings. Whaddya hanging around here for?) Kind of bittersweet; like when you go back to high school and you find your teachers - the kind ones, the funny ones, the smart ones, the nemesis - are all pretty much normal people, the same size as you. Kate seems shrunken to me. Odd, cause she has always stuck me as taller, maybe it was the 4" high platform boots she once favored. Maybe its yoga, its stretching me out. Anyway, it was nice to see Kate and she looks well and she was in good voice, a little more subdued than in the past.

Anyway, back to breathing. I have WNBA games tonight, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Four games in seven days. Hell, thats a lot of playing, a long home stretch. If Coach T decides to call me in from the production room to play a few minutes by the end of it, I would not be totally surprised.....everybody is gonna be dragging. To raise the difficulty points, we have a family reunion on Saturday in Lancaster, PA - so the Zipster and I are flying down on Saturday morning (Southwest into Baltimore), staying overnight in Lancaster, and then flying back on Sunday morning.

I am trying to sneak some yoga in this morning after a few hours of work, my last opportunity until Monday or Tuesday, probably. And then need to take MYA back to Bristol, and head off to Uncasville around 2:30.

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