July 15, 2006

FRFF 2006: Proof of Concept

Assembled the basics of Camp Jude for the upcoming folk fest. After 14 years of various versions of the inexpensive dining fly (two different versions, with various poles and add-on roped to keep things tied down, culminating in last year's cobbled together mess made up of 3/4" PVC which barely stayed standing), I purchased an official steel frame, easy to assemble 10' x 10' dining fly. Woo-hoo.

Today, I put the new dining tarp up (a one person job, although two would make it go easier) and ensured that I had stakes to fit. Next, I put up my old (14 years!) Hillary tent that I'll be using, assuming the Zipster is cancelling. (we bought a large deluxe tent a few years back, in great shape, but its a bit over the top for me if I am solo) A bit of duct tape on the one corner with the hole / rip, but it will be fine. And finally, a 10 x 20 tarp, secured to the dining fly on one end and two 2x3 wood poles with some ropes on the other, and I have a tent cover.

May need a bit of reinforcement to tie down the new fly, but I am looking solid, infrastructure-wise, for the first time in a few years. Tomorrow maybe, start to pack and do a provisioning run.

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