July 11, 2006

Geeks in the Mist

I popped into my office on Sunday night to do a couple of quick invoices and pick something up. As I was leaving, I found a slew (bevy? flock? small army?) of young 'uns, loud, boisterous, full of life, had descended upon the facility and were in the process of unloading a box truck. We have had a few churches and things here; I assumed it was some sort of church youth group or civis organization dropping off the booty for a forth-coming tag sale, although I did notice a car with queerish bumper stickers in the lot.

Turns out ConnectiCon, a gamers / anime / webcomic / Cosplay* convention that has been in existance since 2003, was held this past weekend in Hartford at the convention center, and apparently has offices or stores stuff here in the building. What I witnessed was the end of conference pack up.

I only know this because I stumbled across a program book at the reception desk last week (thought someone had just left it by mistake) but today I noticed a stack of them, and asked Rose the receptionist about it.

Go them. Heh. Matt, if you pop into the offices during working hours, stop by and say hi.

* I had recently described this as a "furry" convention, but its more accurate to say cosplay. For furry fun in Connecticut, go here.

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