July 27, 2006

Kym Tuvim - I Will

I've been delving into the Falcon Ridge CDs; gave Cheryl Wheeler a quick listen in the car, now Kym Tuvim is embedded. I have been particularly struck by this song, which Ms. Tuvim is generously giving away in MP3 format.
You don’t ask for enough, you know how to get along
When the going gets tough, you get strong

Kind of my mantra really. I undervalue myself, make do with less, survive on the fringes. And, like Tom West in Tracy Kidder's "Soul of a New Machine", I am a "...good man in a storm..." - when the shit hits the fan I downshift into a sort of hyper-competant mode that does not provide much room for emotional collapse or feeling. Although I've taken to stepping back and acknowledging stuff - telling myself "this is hard, you will need to process this later". A kind of conscious caching into the unconscious, leaving bookmarks or threads to pull to get back to it.

Not sure this is a bad thing, mind you. Like a soldier in combat, I do what needs to be done to survive. And I do carve out spaces to let the other stuff out there, when I have the time and energy. It's nice when a song touches on something real to me, something I can resonate with.

Kym Tuvim is a winner: voice, songs, production. I am gonna keep an eye out for a solo visit to CT. She's good and I need to hear her without the distractions of FRFF, camping, floods, tee-shirts, etc.

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