July 07, 2006

My Voice Heard

Bruce and Colin opened up with Rep. John Larson yesterday. Rep. Larson came on to prop up Joe Lieberman, and pitched a sort of "look at all the years of service" angle, with a bit of a concern about "outsiders (Daily KOS and MoveOn.org) influencing the election" compaint, and finally a "you need to ask, why has Sen. Lieberman become a target?"

Colin took care of #2 pretty well, talking about Lieberman's war chest which I am sure came for the most part from parties outside the state. But #3 pissed me off. So I called. First caller of the day. From Exit 80 off 395, for the record (I was en route to a WNBA gig at the casino), and WTIC had dropped out of range by then. But I called anyway.

Yanno, I've lived in Connecticut nearly 25 years. I've voted in every election. And almost invariably - my vote is meaningless at the national level. The state almost always goes for the Democrat at the presidential level, and the last election proved that the popular vote does not matter. I've probably voted Green / third party more than anything, just to make a statement, since the state has been a lock for the Dems. (This practice started in 1980, my first presidential vote was cast for John B. Anderson) Both senatorial positions have been writ in stone since Lieberman overthrew Weicker in 1988 (a year in which I voted for Lieberman, sorry Mr. Weicker, my bad - I remember (and was sucked in) by the bear ads, although I am glad you went on to become Governor - how long has it been since the state was shut down for budgetary reasons?) Rowland had the gubernatorial seat locked up for the better part of a decade, although I gamely voted for Bill Curry or another Dem. And while the Representatives have been a bit more fluid (especially since we lost a couple), they too are often well entrenched, and my voice has been muted, voting in Waterbury and Hartford.

So....when you are pissed off, I mean, really really angry about the things that are happening at the national level, what do you do?
* When your country instigates an immoral war?
* When your country goes into debt up to its eyeballs a mere decade after Democratic leadership seemed to have gotten the deficit under control?
* When the pro energy / industry / business republicans are ignoring global warming?
* When working class and middle class people are coming home in body bags and wheelchairs?

You write letters, you protest, you toss a few figurative molotov cocktails. And you vote. What has Sen. Lieberman done for me?

* Supported the administration's war
* Enabled the administration's neglect of the deficit and the planet
* Run for national office while hedging his career bets by staying on the senatorial ticket
* Been seriously discussed for a cabinet position in the Republican white house
* Popped up on Imus innumerable times to suck up to a national audience
* Got sanctimonious about moral issues
* Went to bat for defense industry jobs in CT, while other industries flee

Am I a typical angry voter? I dunno. I do know there is a Ned Lamont sign on my lawn, and a Ned Lamont sticker on my car. I do know I've sent some money. I do know I'll do what it takes. It took me 20 years to get passionate about something in government. And will Ned Lamont in office make a ton of difference, all things considered? Probably not. But dammit, short of moving to Canada, there's not much else I can do to get my voice heard about how angry and offended I am about the things that are happening in Washington DC, how my government is representing me. Except try to overthrow the one person on my slate of candidates who supports the war. Joe Lieberman. Buh-bye.

And Rep. Larson, Sen. Lieberman has had a distinguished career in government and has done a lot for the state. So did this guy. Should I vote for him too?

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Anonymous said...

I'd been meaning to ask you how things were re: you and Lamont, but wanted to not offend politically. Been watching that race and hoping Lieberman gets ousted, frankly. But its not MY race.


PS: Help me name my boat. See the LJ.