July 13, 2006

Still Alive

Well, despite it not being all that busy, I'm still kind of swamped. Where did the week go?

The "document the past decade" project has been hard to finalize - between pulling old documents out of zip files and archives, and just getting reminiscent about the technical details and issues. Damn, I've done a lot over the past decade, and remarkably, the archives are pretty much intact. As I scroll through the archives, I find old documents I forgot about - memo's, faxes, reports. One of these days I'll organize it all.

The paper is coming along - nothing earth shattering as yet. I've gotten a good framework in place and I know my major points. Just a matter of how deep I will be going and how much I will rely on existing graphics / case material, and how much I will recreate or redo.

Back and forth to Bristol tonight. MYA came over and we had dinner at the Corner Pug.
Hit the mat yesterday and with any luck, tomorrow. Hanging out with friends on Saturday after Jazzercise. Not sure whats up Sunday. Probably should think about cleaning the gutters and packing for Falcon Ridge.

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