July 19, 2006

What's in Your Ears?

I've been dancing around the house all morning, my MP3 player hanging around my neck. Getting into bouncy folk fest mode. Here's whats on my player:

Yoga Music: Enya (The Celts), Acoustic Alchemy (The New Age), and Krisna Das. I do not really have official yoga music, so I figure one or all of these will suffice if I hot the mat during the fest. I've gotten enchanted (heh heh, pun) with Kirtan, and the Krisna Das is very cool for getting me into a sort of trancey space.

Hugh Blumenfeld (Mozart's Money): I'm listening right this second, and I come to appreciate how wonderful an artist he is; this particular album is stellar. Maybe I'll cross paths this weekend if he / wife / kids are at the fest.

Kate Callahan (The Greatest of Ease): I'm not an addict of her music (yet) but I am definitely an addict of her energy and vibe. So Kate in the ears is always a treat, if only for the warm fuzzies. The stuff she played live on the radio recently seems to be a bit edgier, and I like that. Looking forward to new work from her.

Richard Shindell (Live): What can I say. Richard can make a lesbian fall hard. His music is wonderful. Kenworth of My Dreams got me dancing this morning.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Heh. From raucous to queer to delicate, Hedwig continues to entertain.

Jennifer Warnes (Bird on a Wire): I dunno, it was on there, and I left it on there. One can never have too much Leonard Cohen, and Ms. Warnes does such a nice job of interpreting his music.

Jane Bolduc (Misc): I threw some Jane on there cause yanno, you never know when there might be a moment to network and sell. You never know, I'd love to plant a few seeds that might grow for her. And its nice to have her along at the folk fest.

Gendertalk: I burned a couple of recent episodes I have not listened to yet, just in case I get bored! Kate Bornstein is in one of 'em, and I am bringing along her new book (I bought three copies, one for me and two for friends)

In my ears....

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