August 04, 2006

Friday Night

Kind of odd to have two days of weekend ahead without a lot on the agenda. Or at least, no work, no reunions, no trips, no WNBA games, no obligations. Lots of possibilities.

BB called, ballooning for fun may be in the works in the morning. Always enjoyable. There is also talk of he and K2 taking the homebuilt out for a lesson on Sunday, but I try to chase/fly just once a weekend. In any case, it looks like one morning will have me driving a van, if not in the air.

Barring that, there is the possibility of Jazzercise tomorrow morning (or Sunday), the almost religious Sunday morning hot yoga class, and maybe another yoga class if the others do not pan out. Friends J&D wanted to do something this weekend - though we can not figure out what that might be. And MYA and I should go do something fun - we've had way too many doctors appointments and soccer mom (drive her places) connections of late. And a client pre-warned of an incoming hot site that may pop into my IN BOX over the weekend. So, it'll be a busy weekend regardless.

Tonight, we went to our favorite Thai place East-West Grille on New Park (West Hartford) - they seem to be sprucing the place up a bit (decor, waitstaff uniforms, menu) perhaps due to the competition across the street. I had the Green Papaya Salad (spicy!) and a bowl of Tom Yum soup, Zippy had the beef salad (almost too spicy hot to eat!). Light dinner, but nice. We've bene trying to have at least one "date night" a week - eat together, unencumbered by computers (me) or books (her) and spending some quality time. We missed it this week (2 WNBA games, and MYA) so tonight it was.

I probably should get a load or two of laundry done over the weekend (while the line-drying is good). I also cleaned out the back porch somewhat (camping gear) - not 100% but getting there. I dream of a space to do yoga.....

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