August 05, 2006

Getting Here Part 2

OK, blog visitors. I'm watching you. ::cue ominous organ music::

Actually, I have a little button at the bottom of the page that says SITE METER and that lets me track stuff - how many visitors, where did they link from, where are they roughly located, stuff like that. So I can see some of my friends visiting (like, from Minnesota or New Hyde Park, NY) and I can also how people got here - either via links or via search engines. You can see it too, I think. Tis neither top secret nor rocket science.

This morning, I noted two things of interest - a visitor from SURPRISE, AZ (who knew there was such a place, and is it across the border from TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, NM?) and a Yahoo search for COLIN MCENROE GIRLFRIEND BARBARA. Said search came from Meriden (recent site of the Battle of Ted's, and also the home base of the Lamont Campaign) so this could be friend or foe. Said person spent 6:37 poking through my blog. Which I am sure left him/her greatly confused. S/he exited via my link to Colin's blog, where I am sure they continued their investigations.

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