August 19, 2006

One more option

One of the prevailing tensions in my life of late has been along the jazzercise / yoga front. I've been a jazzercise addict for a long time - 5 or 6 years perhaps. That continues - I'm sitting at class #99 in the past 11 months; one more for my 100 club tee-shirt - my 4th. (and in previous years, I got it a lot earlier in the cycle) That's a lot of perky exercise.....

In the past year, I have gotten yoga addicted. Which means I am hitting the mat at the local studio at least as often as I am at jazzercise (truthfully, its been more). So take that 100 classes and add another 100 - 150 yoga sessions. And you get the idea of how often I am doing something with my body.

And now, to make things slightly more complicated, I have a mat and music and space carved out for yoga on the back porch. Because I need a 3rd option - my life is not complicated enough.

This morning, I was leaning towards Jazzercise (and that coveted 100 Club shirt) but maybe I'm gonna waive that until Monday and just work postures on my own. We're heading up to MA later this morning for family birthdays (Sean and Sara and Tom) and cookout and swimming, and there are some things to be wrapped, some gift cards to pick up, some food to be bought on the way. Although I thrive on staccato beats in my life, Zippy tends to get overwhelmed. So perhaps a more leisurely morning would be best for all.

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