August 20, 2006

Republicans Win in 2008

One the way home from the game tonight, listening to This American Life (I blame Ira Glass and his bit on John Kerry) I had an insight: The Republican key to a presidential win in 2008 is Condoleeza Rice. You read it here first.

No serious analysis here, more of a moment of insight. I mean, the Republican base has proven itself willing to vote for a trained chimp (twice). So the base is secure, and Condi would pull enough of the moderates to gain a victory. And the way things are going, the Reps need a bold move, and nominating a woman of color is nothing if not that. If I were strategizing for the Dems....I'd start thinking who might stack up well against the Secretary of State.

I hope to hell I am wrong, I am not sure the republic would survive four more years of neo-cons, but......


FyreGoddess said...

As much as it pains me to say it, I don't think the US is ready for a female president. Also, I have a feeling that Condi has some nasty little secrets that would thwart even so much as a bid in the primary.

I keep hearing people talk about how cool/scary/whatever it would be to have a Hillary vs. Condi race. I'm on the scary side of that particular fence.

Personally, I think that what the nation really needs right now is to find a leader that will bring a little less polarization - regardless of which party claims that person's loyalty. I don't think I'm the only one.

Jude said...

I agree on the polarization front. I just am not really optimistic about such a person emerging from the morass of modern day politics.

Still gonna keep an eye on Condi. Even if she has nasty little secerts, she might make a run at it (hubris goes hand in hand with nasty little secrets) - and in a sort of perverse "Only Nixon Could Go To China" way, it might be the way we break a couple of barriers.

For years I kind of had a little soft spot in my heart for John McCain, although he jumped onto the War in Iraq bandwagon a little to quickly and too solidly for my taste......