August 27, 2006

A Thriller in Uncasville

OK, I wandered into the MoSun arena last night thinking it was gonna be the last time. The Detroit Shock have had the Sun's number all year, Katie was out with a broken bone in her foot, Nykesha had never really come back, and it was a good season, thanks for coming, see you next year.

And then - the Sun showed up. Katie somehow managed to play. Nykesha was taking the ball and putting it into the hoop. Everybody was firing on all cylinders. The Sun were back. The beat the Shock, 77 to 69.

Notable moments - watching Katie and Taj slapping hands and grinning from ear to ear after a great offensive connection. Erin Phillips drilling a couple of big shots, and taking a couple of hard hits to the floor. Margo pulling down the rebounds we all know she is supposed to get. Watching Nykesha play with her old confidence. Watching Taj and Asjha taking it down into the paint, and doubling up on shots, passes, rebounds - not always scoring (both of 'em still seem snakebit from close in) but still playing tough and confident hoops. Katie drilling an early three.

The game was a nail biter - they played close throughout the first half, and the Shock seemed to pull closer as the buzzer went off. Then into the third, the Sun opened up a 13 point lead - and then went flat. The Shock brought it within 3 and there were moments of doubt. But the Sun put the petal to the floor and pulled it out. It was notably that Detroit played hard to the very end - even when there were just seconds on the clock and 7 points behind, they were fouling and checking and working it. That may backfire - I am sure the Sun are gonna come onto the floor tonight (8 pm tip) thinking "We better use nails and glue and duct tape and very heavy rocks to put these women in the coffin"

One final word. Deana Nolan. Listen, I want you all to just drive to the hoop whenever she is guarding you, and put up any damn shot you want. Draw fouls. Cause she was deadly from the floor last night (12-17 / 27 pts) and we have to get her off balance and out of the play. Get her in foul trouble early. She is such a great player, and such a threat.

Damn - what a game. Go Sun Go. Go Sun Go. Go Sun Go. Go Sun Go.

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