August 02, 2006

Two is the Magic Number

The Connecticut Sun have two more home games left - they play the western division leading LA Sparks on Thursday (which could be a preview of the finals) and close out the home games vs. Indiana on the 11th. Then come the playoffs. Last night they stomped on the NY Liberty pretty handily; just crushing them in the first half, letting them get close in the 3rd, then pulling away at the end. The MoSun arena was pretty full (lot of NY fans) including one rather vocal woman sitting behind Bruce, who calls the game from the sidelines. Her cheering, taunts and catcalls were pretty clear coming through the headsets. At least until the Sun stretched the lead to the point where rabid fandemonium seemed kind of silly.

After the game, I connected with a friend who had free tickets (apparently, you gamble enough, you get to go to some games for free - who knew?). What was intended to be a quick drink and chat ended up a two hour meander - other friends were there, intent on dinner - and so we wandered by a few of the restaurants looking to make reservations (many were closed) then off to a sports bar in a quiet corner (the main casino bars were too loud or too crowded for 5 seats, the din in that place is incredible, between the water sculptures, the slot machines, people, and music thumping out of the Wolf Den). I'm a firm believer in having a plan, this whole "wandering around trying to find a place that suits 5 people in a fcility you really do now know" is a non-starter.

If I actually ate at any of the restaurants, gambled, or drank there - I might have a clue on where to go. But pretty much, I work, and if I need to, grab a quick dinner at the rib place cause its close to the arena box office.

Wednesday means yoga (sadly, both my good mats are still wet from laundering yesterday) so I am stuck with My First Yoga Mat - I might end up putting a large towel atop the mat since I figure I'm gonna sweat like hell today. Later, I'm taking MYA to a doctor appointment. In between, there is work. A couple of reports, a couple of proposals to finish, and keeping close tabs on a ticket launch for a client; tickets went on sale yesterday and I imagine the sought after premium tickets are gone, and some of the normal departure times are also getting close to being sold out.

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