August 22, 2006

WNBA Farewell

Damn. Dawn Staley, I hardly knew ya. I've probably caught 3 or 4 Suns / Comets games over the past few years, and watched you play. You might have had a good game, or not. I might have appreciated your play, or cursed you for beating up on my team, or maybe not even noticed you too much if you were just having an OK day.

But in your farewell blog, well, damn woman. You put the heart in the game, reading your farewell nearly breaks my heart. I wish you the same level of success and passion in the rest of your life that you found in basketball. You are just 36 years young, and have a whole life ahead, and I suspect you will be pretty darn good at whatever you choose to do.
Finally, I have to thank God. My mother always says I’m in God’s favor and I believe her. There is absolutely no reason I should still be able to play with these knees. Yeah… the infamous knees everyone always talks about. The same knees that never allowed me to miss a game…not one. The knees God gave me as my one obstacle in this game…my test of will and my barometer for humility. The same knees I have never questioned and will never question because I know they were given to me for a reason. Just like basketball was given to me for life. Thank you God.

Yep, this one will do just fine. See ya on the court.....

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