October 08, 2006

Weekend Update

Just a quickie. Long couple of days.

Saturday we took off for Bell Meade NJ (near Princeton) to visit Zippy's dad's ex wife T. No relation to Zippy but she is the mother of Zippy's step sibs on her dad's side. Zippy has not seen her in 10+ years, and apparently T had been hearing about me a nd wanted to meet me and see Zippy again. Lovely visit - she has a gorgeous secluded home on a small river and was really charming. Bit of a long day (3.5 hours each way, including stops for potty, gas, and food) but a nice day trip.

This morning I crewed for the balloon - we met up in Farmington (fogged in, and a field full of balloons on the autumn morning) so we sojourned to Southington. A shortish flight (ended up in Cheshire off East Johnson Avenue) but a near perfect day for the passengers. Then the traditional snackage and champagne, then breakfast in Plainville. I got back to the house around 11:30.

After a few hours of chores (and a visit from Zippy's father, saying farewell before his upcoming trip to Italy) we headed up to Northampton. Zippy went to a support group meeting (which went very well) and I hung out with an old friend Jeep. Really nice to spend time - Jeep and I go back a ways and we always catch each other at some conference or Pride or something, but never really site and talk. So, yay!

En route home we stopped at a Friendlies off Rte. 91 in MA which was godawful. Understaffed, and the food was ick - should have just got burgers. Zippy tried for the flounder (they were out, gave her some fried fish and some veggies) and I had the asian chicken salad which was basically some chopped greens, a few chunks of chicken, mandarin oranges, and almonds. None of the asian noodles, nothing interesting or creative or presented decently. Note to self: no more Friendly's. We would have done much better at the Chili's across the street or even Wendy's.

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