January 29, 2007

Feels Like a Monday

Not 100% sure why.

On the credit side of the equation, it felt like a real weekend. Jazzercise on Saturday, Yoga on Sunday. A balloon banquet on Saturday. Meals out - Friday we went to Hot Basil, Saturday we went to the Corner Pug. A Netflix movie (Donnie Darko), a trip the New Britain Museum of American Art. Some laundry, some cleaning.

On the debit side, I arrive at work to a backlog - several reports pending, an involved email response to work on, a planning and installation guide to review, and a website to update for 2007.

Also pending this week - a nosh and drink thing tonight for one of the local arts publications. A mentoring meeting tomorrow night. A long overdue hair appointment tomorrow. And maybe (just maybe) a trip to Houston on Thursday or Friday.

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