January 31, 2007

Random Stuff

Callie is lying on the dog pillow, all curled up. Elo is lying alongside her, with his chin on her back. Cutest thing ever!

Life has gotten busy. I'm slotted in for a two-day production gig in Philly in mid-February, and a weekend gig in Scottsdale in mid-March. I billed more hours with my biggest client in January than I have in a year. I had good trips to Wisconsin and Little Rock, with a few slotted in for the coming weeks. And there is new energy percolating - writing, self-publishing a techie book I have had on the back burner for a while.

Sympbolic of the new energy - I bought a couple of new office plants and replaced some that I had let die.

On the darker side, I feel like I've been eating poorly of late - wrong foods, too much, too mindlessly. And today for some reason - a headache. I rarely have headaches - never take pain meds. But for some reason, I've had a low simmering headache all afternoon.

Tomorrow - work. An urgent report. A quick template for a client. And end of the month billing. And hopefully yoga in there somewhere.....

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