February 17, 2007

Dreaming Again

A weird one, this time.

It starts with me driving west, with my former sister-in-law Kathy, ostensibly out Rte. 6 west from Terryville. We are watching the sky, the sunset / clouds are very colorful and striking. As we drive, we hear a buzzing, it turns out to be an ultralight plane, escorting some geese. (I know there have been a few movies of people who use ultralights to train migratory birds, although I have not seen any). The plane was tracking our car, and as we watched, the pilot (male) we notice a young girl (daughter) in a kind of side car, almost like a tricycle attached to the outside of the the plane, and she seems rather precarious - as if she were holding on to the plane with one hand. I worry about her falling.

We track the plane and the geese along a long lake or reservoir - at the end, there is a large dam, and I go inside the dam, with my old springer spaniel Nipsy. There is a small auditorium at the top of the damn, I am permitted to bring Nipsy in with me and we sit down - little kids come over to pet her and I reassure them and her parents that she is fine with kids. We are watching some kind of documentary about the dam, and while we are up there, I overheard the person running things say that there has been a 6.2 magnitude earthquake, and that a stronger one is coming. I decide to leave. I recognize the dam, which seems to be in the lower CT river valley, and has a six letter name with a Y in it - like Yamaha or Mygast or something.

As I descend from the auditorium, the next floor down is a large reception / gift shop area, so I decide to go to the bathroom. Emerging, I see a woman walking out the door with Nipsy, she has an orange leash loosely looped around her neck. I give chase - but she gets away in a car. In her rush to escape, she leaves two children behind. I find the kids, and frantically pump them for information (last name, where they live) so I can get Nipsy back.

Somehow, I realize that the women who took Nipsy is not unknown to me, she has been in a therapy group I was in - so I try to call the woman running the group (Char) to get her contact info - I am worried that she will not give me the information (confidentiality / privacy). Char is not picking up the phone, and I realize she is probably in session, and then I realize that she is seeing this woman. And there is Nipsy - she has brought my dog with her into the therapists office and left her in the waiting room. So I take Nipsy with me and start to leave the office.

End of dream. Weird, huh?

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