February 19, 2007

Musings from the Airport

En route to Goshen, Indiana, via Cincinnati and South Bend. Bradley is remarkably quiet today considering its vacation week (I think) - with only a slight uptick in families with rugrats. And the weather looks good for travel. Huzzah!

Blogging from the airport always makes me feel connected and trendy. Let me live with this small delusion, s'il vous plait!

I have not been an instant message person for a long, long time. But I do have an AOL account - I used to use it to connect while on the road, until broadband in hotels became ubiquitous, and then AOL discontinued subscriber fees for broadband customers so I stayed a member. I ought to just load up AIM and quit logging in to AOL at all. But anyway, I also have Yahoo Messenger loaded - for an occasional group chat. I also rarely if ever use that. But once in a while someone gets a bug to talk to me. I've been stalked by an individual for a good week or so.

The funny thing is, he never says anything other than BUZZ and Hello. And I've patiently ignored him for a good week. One would think he would (a) get tired and give up or (b) try something else. Like tell me who he is or something about him or why he is trying to talk to me. I dunno. Amusing. Sad.

Per usual, I brought along a yoga mat. I do not practice every trip, but I like having it along just in case, even if I just do some simple stretches and postures its positive. I've been folding them up into the suitcase up til now, but the last few times, I ended up rolling the mat up*, as several of my teachers demand for abdominal work. It makes me happy to roll it up that way - I feel as if I am getting ready to practice even at home or whatever. Just like it makes me happy to have a few yoga blankets, and a yoga strap at home. It feels as if I am bringing my practice into my life via these little touchstones and tendrils.

* Lay the mat out lengthwise, and fold it lengthwise into thirds so it's full length, and about 8" wide. Then roll up lengthwise like a jelly roll, adjusting it as you roll to keep it straight and tight. It ends up being a small tight cylinder, about 6" in diameter. It gets placed between one's knees for bridge, or between one's thighs for ab work or standing work. Squeeze the mat!

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