February 02, 2007

Search Engine Self-Reference

Another round of search engine self reference, wherein I document the words or phrases that people have searched for and as a result stumbled onto the blog.

1) Bruce Stevens WTIC and/or WDRC - 6 searches (remarkable staying power for Mr. Stevens)
2) Susan Forbes Hanson / Valley Folk / WFCR - 4 searches (another displaced radio personality)
3) Hot Basil Thai West Hartford - 3 searches (an ongoing theme)
4) Scenic Root - 3 searches (am I becoming a destination?)
5) Cherry Jones - 2 searches

And, with one search each: PowerPoint Princess, WB Mason Office Depot, Krishna Das MP3, Mediza Rest CT, Susan Campbell Courant, Shankara Enlightenment Intensive, Cliff Furnald, Madison, UConn Law School, Mary Oliver October

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